Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Let’s see … where to begin. Oh yes, January! And it has been a very good year. The big picture is that the house in Vermont finally sold and we are now officially South Carolinians  … and still a little dazed!

We kicked off the year in Simpsonville for a New Year’s visit with the Smokey Hughes. Great progress this year in that none of the neighbors’ cars were damaged by the fireworks and only one child was burned. 

Thanks to James and Lynn’s hospitality, we spent a few extra days after NY at Folly Beach. We didn’t exactly improve our tans and though we thought the water pipes freezing and bursting might be a bit unusual for the beach, it was nevertheless the beach and we loved it.

February brought with it Anne’ Medicare card and legitimate senior citizen discounts and a visit from the Hughes clan to VT.  VT responded with plenty of snow and we filled in the gaps with serious playing in the snow and more serious eating.

The travel bug hit us in March … time for a road trip … off to Memphis and all things Elvis. And then, it was Spring … at least, it was Vermont’s version of Spring which included a mixture of sun, ice and snow, and plenty of muddy roads. It also brought kayaking, fishing , hiking, and at least the thoughts of gardening. We hit the road again … this time to VA and NC for a brief family visits and to warm up … along the way we found galleries, museums and gardens galore … and of course the Pink Cadillac Diner. We even managed to catch one of Ivy’s baseball games in Midlothian.

With summer came more fishing and picnicking and explorations around Boston, Ogunquit, the lakes region of NH., and the Hudson River Valley and the mansions there.

So much to see. Louis, Susan and Peyton joined us to play in Vermont and dangle our feet in the Rock River. This year, the five of us headed to NH to drive to the top of Mount Washington, swim in Squam Lake, and visit Castle-in-the-Clouds. Summer also brought serious lookers at the house and we rode that roller coaster all summer long.  And then it happened … the house sold and our world turned upside down.

The operative word has been crazy, but somehow we have managed to work through contracts, closings, house searching, movers and a million “to do’s”.  We squeezed in sightseeing on the Hudson, exploring in VA, a visit to WVA,  a stopover in Eden, touching down in Grenville, Chattanooga, and fishing at Nags Head just in case things got boring and now we are here … sucking the marrow out of Charleston’s bones … and we love it.  That is, when we not going crazy. But, it is falling into place and 2015 is set to be another great year.