Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dream: Last Night I Dreamed of Fire


Last night, I dreamed of Fire. It simmered all night and burst into flames numerous times. I was up about five times writing down thoughts. This morning .. this is what I know of fire.

1. With fire ... illumination comes first, 
then warmth.

2. With fire … it can be "white hot" or "red hot". 
It is only a matter of the artist's pallete. 

3. With fire ... the burn from the oven 
is just as painful as the burn from the flame.

4. With fire … domesticated animals should be roasted with vegetables in the oven. 
A wild animal is a meal in and of itself without the need for side dishes. 
Wild animals should be roasted over the open flame 
and devoured without utensils ... with the hands.

5.With fire … the slightest kiss of a gentle wind 
and the embers again glow red.

6. With fire … the flames can be doused with cold water, 
but the embers still smolder.

It was never about fire.