Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dream: First Day of School on the Longliner

Being out of your normal routine must stimulate the one to dream. I awoke this morning about 4:00 AM cognizant that I had been dreaming. Experience has taught me to act fast. I groped around the dark room for my glasses and stumbled to the kitchen to find a pen and pad. As you may know know, if you don't jot down a few notes about a dream, you will forget it for sure.

Quinn and Barrett go to meet their new teachers this afternoon ... in effect, their first day of school and the catalyst for my dream I'm sure. I dreamed that I was also having the first day of school. I, however, was a teacher in the school. What was different was that the school was housed on a swordfish boat ... a long-liner and what appeared to be homeroom was being held in the crow's nest. We didn't have to climb the rigging to get there since a series of ramps and railing had been constructed for our convenience.

Strangely enough, my homeroom had three teachers, not one. The head teacher was my brother Ron and another brother, Wayne, was also a teacher in the room. My younger brother, Dean, was not there and I am sure volumes of psychological explanation and justification could be written as to his absence. Nevertheless, I was the only one who had taught there before and knew the routines. The result was that I was kinda in charge for the first day.

We had two children that were late for homeroom and having been a principal in the past, I took them to task as to the reason for their tardiness. We wove through the usual excuses, deceits, denials, and lies resulting in a final confrontation with the fabrications they had offered ... until the truth was ferreted out.

It seems that the two students were late because they had kidnapped another student. The faces of all of the students were well-known to me but I was still unable to figure out exactly who they were. The kidnapping was accomplished by locking the student inside of his own book. I demanded that they open the book to release the student immediately and lectured them as to the possibility of jail time for such a behavior. Consequences were in order and they were required to pay for the damages to the homeroom ping pong net, which had turned into a long-line during all of  the commotion, and to pay for all the lost ping pong balls. I also deemed that kidnapping was more than enough reason for additional punishment and assigned both boys a day in ISS.

I awoke as the boat was cruising out of the harbor and tooting its horn at some women waving from the deck of their house on shore. I recall being puzzled that they were also shooting pistols at the boat.  Even though hey were shooting guns at us ...they were doing it in a friendly way.