Monday, January 11, 2016

Reading 2015

Reading 2015
Number Title Author Category
40 Outliners Gladwell, Malcolm audio
1 Virginia Woolf Lehmann, John biography
2 Eye of the Witch Donovan, Dana detective
62 Amelia Butterworth Mysteries :That Affair Next Door Green, Anna Katherine detective
61 Chief Inspector Gamache Series: Still Life Penny, Louise detective
56 Secret Adversary Christie, Agatha detective
66 The Adventure of the Devil's Foot Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan detective
3 Book of the Dead Budge, Sir E. A. Wallis historical
55 The Princess of Mars Burroughs, Edgar Rice novel
39 One of Ours Catha, Willa novel
4 The Moonstone Collins, Wilkie novel
24 The Prairie  Cooper, James Fennimore novel
23 Great Expectations Dickens, Charles novel
30 The Mill on the Floss Eliot, George novel
5 The Round House Erldrich, Louise novel
67 The Longest Journey Forster, E. M. novel
59 Where Angels Fear to Tread Forster, E. M. novel
31 People of the Mist Hagood, Henry Rider novel
33 Return of the Native Hardy, Thomas novel
6 The House on the Borderland Hodgson, William Hope novel
44 The Rainbow Lawrence, D.H. novel
7 Women in Love Lawrence, D.H. novel
60 Phantom of the Opera - reread Leroux, Gaston novel
8 Free Air Lewis, Sinclair novel
32 The Book of Tea Okakura, Kakuzo novel
64 The Warden Trollope, Anthony novel
9 Ethan Frome Wharton, Edith novel
11 Summer  Wharton, Edith novel
10 The Custom of the Country Wharton, Edith novel
27 The Touchstone Wharton, Edith novel
49 Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - reread Winterson, Jeanette novel
46 The Passion - Reread Winterson, Jeanette novel
47 The Passion - Reread Winterson, Jeanette novel
51 Waiting For Godot Beckett, Samuel play
53 The Lamp and the Bell Millet, Edna St Vincent play
36 Death and the King's Horseman Soyinka, Wolfe play
34 An Ideal Husband Wilde, Oscar play
12 Carolina Chansons Legends of the Low Country Allen, Harvey & Heywood, Dubose poetry
13 The Enemy of Joy Belitt, Ben poetry
14 Desire Bidart, Frank poetry
52 Shooting Rats at the Bibb County Dump Bottoms, Dav id poetry
45 drift Connolly, Kevin poetry
38 Madame Deluxe Darlington, Tenaya poetry
22 Rancho Notorious Garcia, Richard poetry met him at a reading
15 The Wild Iris Gluck, Louise poetry
57 Apocaliptic Narrative Jones, Rodney poetry
50 Scattered Poems Kerouac, Jack poetry
63 Mortal Acts Mortal Words Kinnell, Galway poetry
16 Ain't I A Woman! Linthwaite, Illona  poetry
37 The Kingdom of Possibilities Mayo, Tim poetry
35 Keep and give away Meyers, Susan poetry
17 Fully Empowered Neruda, Pablo poetry
29 The Dead and the Living Olds, Sharon poetry
48 The Unswept Room Olds, Sharon poetry
18 Long Life Oliver, Mary poetry
42 The Leaf and the Cloud Oliver, Mary poetry
28 Thirst Oliver, Mary poetry
19 House of Days Parini, Jay poetry
41 The Curiosities Perham, Brittany poetry
54 shake loose my skin Sanchez, Sonia poetry
43 living must bury Sigler, Josie poetry
65 The Darkness round Us Is Deep Stafford, William poetry
20 Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Warren, Robert Penn poetry
25 Ghost in a Red Hat Warren, Rosanna poetry
21 Song of Myself Whitman, Walt poetry
26 Wild Swans at Coole Yeatts, William Butler poetry
58 The Story of a Panic Forster, E. M. Short Story
67 read

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