Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Guns and Roses

Been thinking a lot recently about the entire gun controversy. It mystifies me how so many people cling so to guns and hide behind the Second Amendment in fear that their guns might be taken … no matter how horrific the evidence of gun violence or the atrocities. For the life of me, I do not understand the need to own at the assault rifles and the handguns with enormous clips of ammo. I am not anti gun but to me there is a difference in sport and arming for military. Fear, for sure, triggers much of the need. Whether it stems from the fear of the Great Uprising of the Blacks or the attack of the Muslim Hoards is a question. Perhaps, it is whomever we have demonized at the moment. Perhaps it is big boys stuck in the past playing cowboys and Indians or GI Joe … seeing themselves as the great avenger … protector … today's hero. Don't know.

Was talking to a close friend just yesterday and was stunned by the level to which the gun paranoia has progressed.  She told a story of visiting a local church and entering through the back door of the church to avoid the rain. She was met by an unknown, disheveled man in dirty shorts and legs wrapped inn bandages that opened the door for her and greeted her pleasantly. She was immediately concerned at both appearance and because she did not know the man, but went into the chapel anyway and was seated. The strange man also came in and seated himself and listened, sang and prayed just like the rest of the congregation. Afterwards, the church members were abuzz about who that strange guy was. A lady seated behind my friend indicated that as a precaution, she had reached into her purse and eased out the pink pistol that she always carried. Joining the conversation, the preacher himself added "not to worry", that he was packing too. When I questioned my friend's response to this behavior, her husband explained to me that this was perfectly natural since people had been known to rob church congregations (not exactly sure where or when this was supposed to have happened) and not to forget the church shooting in Charleston.

What is wrong with us?

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