Monday, June 18, 2012

What if animals collaborated?

Raise the red flag and rally around the flagpole. Travel in pairs and sit facing the door. Today, I understand what the Mayans have known for hundreds of years and made known to a world in their 2012 calendar. Knowledge that was only an observation away.  All that was missing was the right question.

For me, that question was, “What if animals collaborated?”

Recently, everywhere I go I seem to see an uncommon number of animals. While kayaking the West River, that meant two eagles, kingfishers, egrets, and an unusually close encounter with a fox at an old beaver dam. Today, I was up at 4:00 AM to go fishing. When I stepped outside, I heard barking in the woods along the river. I am pretty confident that it was a fox barking. Later, as I approached the lake, animals kept crossing the road in front of the car. First, a porcupine who virtually defied me in the middle of the road. Next, was a deer … then a rabbit.

It wasn’t until much later that I put it together. The animals and the question.  Then I knew. That is when I remembered the incident on the river yesterday. Yesterday, I saw a squirrel swimming across the river.  Never have I seen a squirrel swim before. But that wasn’t it. The squirrel wasn’t just swimming … it was dog paddling. Then I knew. 


The squirrel was dog paddling. 
What if animals collaborated?

If animals collaborated, where does that leave us?  You can bet MAN won’t be setting the dates for hunting season.  You can bet MAN won’t be calling the shots.


The world will turn upside down
 ... and who will be leading the parade?
 … none other than dogs
 … Man’s best friend.

It is not a matter of “if”.  The issue is “when”.  Barking foxes.  Dog-paddling squirrels. The “when” is now.  They’re working together already. As for me, I am watching my back. Pet emancipation is right around the corner. And I will never trust a seeing-eye dog again.