Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Color

A friend posted on Facebook about a site that gave a profile of a person based on the person's birth date. This profile was associated with a so-called birthday color. Curiosity got the best of me and I tried the site. My color was Yellow. Here is the profile that I got.

You are the trustworthy type. You have a good heart, and you're always concerned with doing the right thing.
People turn to you during the best and the worst times of their lives.

You make responsible decisions and have a clear head. You believe in yourself.
You are a natural leader. You're fair, honest, and the one person that can always be counted on.

I certainly liked the sounds of the profile and my suspicion was that was what it was intended to do ... please me. So, I ran Anne's birthday as well. Much to my surprise, I got the same response. I assumed the site was defective, but it gave different profiles for all the other birthdays that I submitted. Interesting?

The next day I ran into an old acquaintance in the grocery store and we stopped to talk for a few minutes. He asked how I was doing with my prostate cancer treatment ( I was surprised that he remembered that I had had surgery ). He was in his second year of his treatment. We swapped a few anecdotes of our experiences with the cancer ordeal and went on our way.

Just how random are events ... how coincidental?
About two days later, Anne and I were in the grocery store and we ran into the friend's wife. We really had not seen either one of them for almost three years. She asked for my email so that her husband could get in touch me. Her story was that he had come home and talked to her for quite a while about his and my conversation and had marveled at how I seemed to be able to be so positive about the cancer situation. She went on to say that her husband had become almost unbearable to be around and unpleasant towards her since his cancer and that she was literally at her wits end. After having talked to her husband about me, she had decided to call and see if I would talk with him more, or if the two of us could correspond by email. Of course, the answer was "yes.

My point is "how odd"? Odd that we ran into these old friends ... odd in how the profile described us. Odd that the second meeting occurred.

I really do wonder at times about the orchestration of life. Don't get me wrong. I am not talking about a deity. I do wonder if there are internal energies that set certain things in motion though. I certainly don't have any answers.