Sunday, January 16, 2011


Thursday was a difficult day. On Thursday, I watched a friend being led away to jail. And, I am glad. Glad, because it was right. He deserved to go to jail. He forgot that he is an adult. I don’t mean that he acted childlike and carefree. I mean that he forgot that with adulthood comes responsibility … the responsibility to protect children.

I didn’t lose a friend. Surprisingly, I don’t really feel very differently towards him. I don’t think that he is muchdifferent now than before. When the police led him away, he looked like a sad version of himself. I feel disappointed and betrayed in a way. What he did makes us all look bad. I can’t make decisions for him. Each of us has to make incredibly difficult decisions every day. And we have to live with the consequences of those decisions. Unfortunately, he crossed the line. He let desire make his decision for him. He confused what is really important ... who you really are. He betrayed the trust of someone too young to make the decision … someone he should have been helping to learn how to handle difficult decisions.

Today, one of my friends is a child molester … a predator. I am glad that he is in jail. I am glad that actions have consequences. It would be easier, I think, if I could just hate him and be done with it.

Friendship, unfortunately, is not a light switch. You can’t just turn it off.

Today, I have a friend. He is a child molester and is in jail.